Do you really love Him/Her

There are many types of love but true love is hard to come by. But if you truly love the person your with then this quiz should be a peice of cake for you.

The truth will be uncovered in this quiz now you can know just how much your partener really loves you if you have ever wanted to know now is the chance to find out.

Created by: Norman J Clark

  1. Is he/she always on your mind?
  2. When you kiss how is it?
  3. How offten to you say i love you?
  4. Would you die for this person?
  5. Would you do anything in the world for this person?
  6. When you have sex is it?
  7. When your on the phone is it hard to say goodbye?
  8. Do you know her/his favorite color
  9. Does she/he make you feel funny in a good way when i love you is said?
  10. Do you worry when you don't here from him/her for a day?

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Quiz topic: Do I really love Him/Her