Are You In Love?

There are so many types of love; crushes, puppy-love, and true love. Many people mistake a crush or puppy-love for real love. If you don't know where your feelings fall into, you're in the right quiz.

This 30 question quiz will help you decide if you really love this person or if it's all just a crush. Answer honestly (your answers are confidential so it's all good there.) Now your question, "Am I in love?" will be answered.

Created by: Hawkshadow
  1. Imagine your "special someone" horribly disfigured: missing a nose, burned, or scarred. do you still love them?
  2. Imagine that you cannot be together; like we live in a world where people from one city can't love anyone from another, and you live in separate cities. would you run away to be with them?
  3. Would you take a bullet for them?
  4. Think hard about your crush; create a special scene, like you two talking, or maybe the runaway scenario presented in question 4. what is happening to you physically right now?
  5. How would you prefer to communicate with each other?
  6. You have to tell them something important, like a break-up (god forbid!), you love them, or you're secretly gay. how do you tell them?
  7. How often do you think about them?
  8. Do you feel like you can tell this person ANYTHING?
  9. Imagine this person disabled, not being able to do anything on their own. You have to provide for them and help them with whatever they need. are you willing to do that?
  10. In order to be with them, would you give up your most prized possession? (an object such as an iPod or TV or computer; excludes pets and family)
  11. Do your close friends know about this person and how you feel?
  12. Does your family know about this person?
  13. You have a big argument over something. do you get back together soon?
  14. They catch you flirting with their best friend. what happens now?
  15. How much do you trust this person?
  16. They give you a gift; a super expensive piece of jewelry or something they knew you've always wanted. what happens now?
  17. You two just start dating. how often would you talk?
  18. It's your first kiss. How would it feel?
  19. Do you ever dream about this person?
  20. What usually happens in those dreams if you have any?
  21. What kind of physical contact do you usually have?
  22. Go back to question six. Now that you've had more time to think about this person, you might need to change your answer (this will not affect results.)
  23. What would your theme song be? (if you don't know these, go online to find the lyrics.)
  24. Pick another theme song that matches you two.
  25. Assume you two are complete opposites in something like religion or political views.
  26. Assume you are feeling utterly depressed and worthless. Do you talk to them about it?
  27. How does being with this person make you feel? (you're getting tired of this quiz not aren't you?)
  28. Do you see them on a regular basis?

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