Does he love you?

Is he in love? Do you have uncertanties? Does he? What is love? Does he go by his own standards? does he love you or your body? What kind of relationship are you holding on to?

Do you want to know? If he doesn't love you i think you should know, don't you? Do you do what you want, or what he wants? You can find out with this quiz. (Bear with me this is my first quiz)

Created by: TwiHardTeamJacob
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  1. When you look at him from across the room, what does he do?
  2. You're the first one at lunch! You pick a table and sit down. Where does he sit?
  3. Prom Night! When your friends tell him you want to go with him, what is his response?
  4. You ask a friend to ask him out for you. What do you expect him to say?
  5. You're talking to him at school. What's his body languge saying?
  6. This is where i ran out of questions so i just put something generic in. What is your favorite flavor skittle?
  7. What is your favorite type of music?
  8. Just click an answer
  9. Does he like the same things you do?
  10. Will you ever show the world your talent?

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