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PLEASE READ TOP TWO PARAGRAPHS: ok do I’m starting the Sasuke love quiz. Also because there is an uneven amount on genin you’ll be on team 7. Also I do not own Naruto or any characters

As some of you know school gets in the way of a lot of things so I’ll try to post every Wednesday and Saturdays maybe everday if y’all behave the idea is your character is the girl that ison the front page so yeah say hi to your new body!

Created by: laylahmckenzie12

  1. I'm the girl thatdosent belong, that sticks out like a sore thumb. The type of girl that gets mesaages saying "Go die Kyoko" the girl that not even her parents wanted. The only friends that I have or think I have are the kids fro Naruto. No-one wanted Kyoko Kaguya , So no-one is going to miss me after I do this-
  2. A few minutes later- My eyes opened. Is this heaven? I thought heave was white with angels, its just trees and anime. Wait? Anime?! I look at my hands. I'm anime. There was a puddle. I looked in and gasped.
  3. I had short brown hair, pink eyes, a black turtle neck hot t-shirt with sleeves that start at my elbow, a short skirt with a white scarf as a belt and skins with bandages around my thighs. There was a crack as someone stepped on a twig behind me.
  4. You turned around. It was Kakashi, but you didnt say his name. "Hello?" You asked. "Who are you?" "I'm Kakashi Hatake." "Kyoko Kaguya." His eyes widen in shock. "You need to come with me." He said grabbing my hand. He took you to the Hokage's office.
  5. "What is it Kakashi?" "It's the last Kyuga." The Hockage was shocked. "Whats wrong with me?" "Nothing child, whats your name?" "Kyoko...." "I'm the third Hokage. Say do you know any ninjutsu's?" You nodded your head. 'Thank god I remembered the hand signs..." You thought. "Can you do the clone jutsu?" You nodded. "Shadow clone jutsu!" 20 solid clones appeared. "Would you like to join the ninja academy?" You nodded, 'annoy duckbutt hell yeah!' You thought. He hannded you a head band, you smiled, something you rarely did. The Hokage called Iruka. 'Not that perve' you thought frowning. You tied the head band around your neck.You ignored the conversation and looked outside. The Hokage faces were clean. 'This must be the second episode' You thought. "Kyoko?" "Hmm?" "I'm Iruka-sensei let me bring you to the academy." You nodded. "Before you leave this is the key and adress to where you will be staying with your roommate."Bye and thank you!" You said over your shoulder.
  6. You walked into the building. 'in' the door opened and Sasuke and Naruto were lip locked. They went away coughing. You were laughing your head off. Naruto went to his seat. "W-we have a new student" Iruka said trying to make everything normal. "Why dont you introduce yourself" "Yo, I'm Kyoko." You said making a peace sign. "You can sit next to Sasuke." You knew exactly who he was but you needed to act dumb. "Which one? The duckbutt?" Naruto laughed you smirked. "Yes?" You moved and sat. "We will be sorted into teams, but there will be a four man squad." 'Yeah, yeah whatever.' "Team 7, Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno" 'cue death thoughts and teenage day dreaming' "Sasuke Uchiha" 'revers' "and Kyoko Kyuga" The class turned. "What you have a problem with me? If you do I'll beat you to a pulp" You said glaring. 'Another survivor I wonder she lives up to the reputation?' a curious Sasuke wondered. "Why is she on our team sensei? I mean she just got here shouldn't she be with the beginners" You cocked your head.
  7. "To a jonin I'm mild threat to you pinkette I'm a threat so I'd watch what you say." Sakura shrunk back. You were later dismissed to 'socialize with your team' you instantly went to the roof and closed your eyes. You later heard punching knowing it was Sasukes first defeat. 'Sasuke' out he looked up at you. You winked and held a piece of paper saying 'dont worry Naruto I'll play along' he looked creeped out at first but gave you a thumbs up. You silently crawled throught the window. "Hi I'm Kyoko you probably already no that and I'm taking this as your first defeat" You smirked ripping the tape off his mouth.
  8. Time skip.Three hours later You and Naruto already put the chalk cover erasers on the door. The door opened in slow motion. It landed on Kakashi's head. "My first impression of you all....are idiots" the others anime fell. "What you call idiotic I call creative" You said hands on your hips. "Meet me on the roof" You took Naruto's hand. "What are you doing?" "TELEPORTATION JUTSU!" You shouted and you were on the roof. "Your already here?" Kakashi said. "No we are your hallucinations cause you keep reading icha icha paradise." you said. "How'd you-" "It was in your pouch a ninja needs to keep a sharp eye" You said in a quick response. 'shiz I almost bew my cover!'
  9. Sakura and Sasuke came upstairs panting. You and Naruto gave them a thumbs up. "Let's start with introductions" Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura looked confused. "How?" Naruto asked. "Stating your likes dislikes, hobbies and dreams for the future." "How 'bout you start us off" you said. "Me? I'm Kakashi Hatake. My likes and dislikes? I dont feel like telling you that. Hobbies? I have lots of hobbies. Future dreams? Havent really thought of that." You already knew the others introductions so you zoned out.
  10. "And you?" You looked up. "I'm Kyoko Kaguya. Likes: Never had much since I lived a crappy childhood. Dislikes? We'll be here all day. Hobbies? Dont feel like saying. Future plans? Stop a certain someone from killing another person because he has no idea why that specific person did what they did." You eyed Sasuke subtly.

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