Do i love my crush?

are you in LOVE? or are you still in the "like" catagory? are you just totally not in love at all?? take this quiz to find out! YOU MIGHT REALLY BE IN LOVE!

are YOU in love? is it true love? or are you still in the "like" catagory? hmm unanswered questions about yourself, probably... just take this quiz to answer them!

Created by: mmm

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  1. Do you find yourself always smiling when you are around your crush?
  2. When you talk to him/her do you feel yourself swaying?
  3. Do you get in trouble in class because you are looking at your crush and not at the textbook?
  4. Does your crush seem to be popping up in your dreams/daydreams?
  5. Do you seem to be talk/texing your crush alot?
  6. Do you feel like he's the only one for you?
  7. Do you feel happy when your crush smiles at you?
  8. Do you find yourself asking yourself if you are in love?
  9. Second to last question. How do you feel?

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