Does He Have A Crush on Me?

Does your crush totally love you...or does he/she think otherwise. Take this quiz to find out! not get mad at me if they don't. It is your problem...not MINE!

If your crush does not like you here are some tips to make them totally adore you: 1.Get involved in the stuff they like to do 2.Don't be afraid of anything 3.STAND OUT!

Created by: erin beth logue
  1. When you look in your crushes eyes do his/her pupils get wider
  2. When you pass by his/her friends, they...
  3. What is your age difference
  4. Does he/She know where you live?
  5. Has he/she ever tried to make A Move
  6. Who has told you he/she likes you
  7. Do they have a bf/gf
  8. My crush is____________, and I am ____________
  9. Is he/she with yuo right now
  10. Are you....
  11. Does your Crush like you?

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