Does He Like You

Have you ever had a crush and profusely wondered in they like you back? Well that is exactly what my quiz is for and more! Find out if your crush enjoys your company or will comfort you when your sad.

So here's your chance to find out! Just answer these thirteen simple questions and whalah! Discover if your crush is into to you today!!! Good luck!!!

Created by: Olivia Grace
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Does he stare at you alot?
  2. When he talks to you where does he look?
  3. Has he ever touched you before?
  4. How often does he give compliments?
  5. When you first met him what did he do?
  6. Does he ever call or im you?
  7. Do his friends talk about you?
  8. When you guys talk who starts the convos?
  9. Does he try to get your attention alot?
  10. This one is all predictions so be honest! If you were feeling sad what do you think he would do?
  11. How is his hygiene when he is around you?

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