Does my crush like me back?

Thank you for choosing my quiz. i hope everyone had a good time doing it, even the lower scoring people. SORRY about that. But i guess you crush just doesnt like you back but its okay. someone out there like you.

If you didnt already know. This quiz is about you crush maybe, MAYBE liking you back. IF so im happy for you. IF not i hope this didnt ruin you day. BYE

Created by: jasmin

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Does he/she look at you and smile?
  2. Do you and your crush talk?
  3. Do you and your crush hug?
  4. Have they ever touched you in an "more than a friend" way?
  5. Has your crush ever "friend zoned" you
  6. Has he/she ever added you on any social media?
  7. Has he/she ever assumed you liking towards them?
  8. Has he/she ever expressed there liking towards you?
  9. How long have you know this person your crushing on?
  10. If you and your crush were on an friendly outing, what would you wear?
  11. If you texted your crush "hey" what would they say back usually?
  12. Do they flirt with you?

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