How loved are you?

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When a person feels loved,they are loving towards others. And people who give a lot of love, receive a lot of love. Love creates love. It can be great.

you you lovedAs we learn to act on our little loving impulses, to recognize and receive the love that is being given to us, and as we are grateful to God for the love we do receive, it increases. We find ourselves giving more love and receiving more love.

Created by: sapphiretwirl
  1. Has anyone said they loved you and meant it
  2. when you were sad have they ever came to cheer you up?
  3. have they ever hurt you? physically/emotionally
  4. do you argue with them?
  5. do you trust them?
  6. do they lie to you?
  7. do they spend time with you?
  8. if you answered yes how much?
  9. do they make you smile?
  10. do you make them smile?

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Quiz topic: How loved am I?