How loved are you

The world is full of freinds and lovers. Are you loved an treasured by those who know you best, orr not? Can you handle finding out "How loved are you?"

this quiz has questions desighned to test the levels of your personal relationships. How are you perceived by those you know, take the quiz and find out.

Created by: amazon

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  1. What kind of lover are you?
  2. Do people you haven't seen or talked to in a while, call you out of the blue?
  3. Do you currently have a lover?
  4. When selecting lovers, do emotions count?
  5. Have you ever been in love?
  6. Have you ever had feelings for someone but never expressed it to them?
  7. How do you handle rejection?
  8. My freinds are...?
  9. Do you wear your heart on your sleeve?
  10. When I'm alone...?

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Quiz topic: How loved am I