How much do you know about HSM's Vanessa?

There are many people out there who loved HSM.Many loved Vanessa.How do I know?She super preety!Only someone who has an extraordinary and lov Vanessa very much can anwser all the Qus with 100 points.

Are YOU a genius?Do YOU lov Vanessa? All the children,boys or girls,could like Vanessa.She is one like a shy girl who hates going up on stage.But thanks to Vanessa,I can write this quiz to help you all improve...and built your confident during exams!

Created by: Emily Felicia Handoyo of High school musical
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  1. OHMIGOSH!Vanessa wants to meet you!Whaddaya say?
  2. Vanessa's middle name is....
  3. Where could Vanessa feel totally at home?
  4. What's most played on Vanessa's MP3 player?
  5. What's Vanessa's astro-sign
  6. V's lil sister is calling her cellphone.What's her name?
  7. What is V's favourite thing to splurge on?
  8. What do you sooo believe in V?
  9. What is the sweetest music to V's ears?
  10. V's inviting you to travel.Where would you like to go?
  11. When is V's birthday?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about HSM's Vanessa?