your journey of idoits

Can you survive the journey to save the world? Could YOU make it throughout and be earth's greatest hero? Try this quiz and find out if you'd be loved by all, or loved by the ones who took over the earth. are you a legend?

Are you the chosen one? It's so simple to figure out, take the quiz and you'll know who you were meant to be. Can you do it, that's the question? So get your game face on and get clikin'!

Created by: MItchell
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  1. You find out the world is almost at a end what do you do?
  2. you are forced with a choice yuor rival asks you to TRUCE IT TILL THE JOURNEY'S DONE DO YOU accept?
  3. You've found another gruop of people they ask you to help them clear an area you say?
  4. Have to kill a member of gruop who will it be
  5. you are cornered by alot of zombies what to do
  6. your gun jams you....
  7. you find a vehicle you use it for?
  8. it's the final stretch you could do these things
  9. you are almost dead what are your dieing words
  10. do like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: My journey of idoits