How Much Does God Love You?

Do you believe that you are loved by God? What do you think? Have you done too many bad things to be loved by Him? Will God still accept you, or is it too late? This quiz is meant for those who are not sure about God, and if he loves you or not.

Was taking the candy when you weren't supposed to too much? Or maybe when you took that drug.... Are you afraid that God may not love you because you have done too many bad things. If you would like to find out, please... take this quiz. Remember to be honest, not only to yourself, but more importantly, to God.

Created by: Chad
  1. How often do you attend church?
  2. What stereotype do you belong to?
  3. Have you ever tried any type of drug? (not including prescription medication)
  4. About how often do you use drugs?
  5. What type of religion do you believe in?
  6. Have you ever had premarital sex? If so, how many times?
  7. Have you ever stolen something of somebody else's?
  8. Are you a forgiving person?
  9. Do you think that if you do something bad, God will hate you?
  10. How often do you feel spiritually or emotionally weak?

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