Does he really actually love you?

There are a lot of guys out there but very few will actually truely love you. What is love anyway? Could be an artificial construct of thought. The world will never actually be able to explain it. Just do it and find out for yourself :p

There is always that time when you wonder...does he Really love me? Well here is a quiz to help you find that out. Sorry if it is mildly suckish. Give me a break cause its my first :)

Created by: Emily
  1. Which one of these dates sounds the most like something he would do.
  2. Does he make a lot of eye contact with you?
  3. Do you ever feel like you have to worry When he is with his best friend? (whom just so happens to be a girl)
  4. Do you love Him and let him know frequently?
  5. Does he treat you kindof different when he is around his friends?
  6. Does he act completely different with you when you are alone than when you are at school or in public?
  7. Have you been together for a long time?
  8. Has he even told you he loves you yet?
  9. Did you jump too far ahead into your relationship..? (ex. Do "naughty" things on the first date.)
  10. Last question :) Does he hang around a whole lot of girls and not seem to care about how you feel about it at all?

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