Are You a Hopeless Romantic?

There are many people that are what we call a "Hopeless Romantic." They are well in love with love. They love sad love songs, movies and stories. And every thing about love. Sometimes that is their life. But most of the time it is just a feeling.

Are you a Hopeless Romantic? Ever stay up long hours of the night thinking about your crush or boyfriend/girlfriend? Or thinking about a guy or girl that you've broken up with and dreaming about what you've could of been? Or lost the one you loved and will never love again? Then you might Be a Hopeless Romantic? Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: amazon
  1. Do you love Drama at school?
  2. Do you like stories with forbidden marriages or love?
  3. Are you still hopelessly devoted to your ex?
  4. Is your favorite music love songs?
  5. Is your favorite holiday Valentines Day?
  6. Do you dot you "I"'s with hearts?
  7. Is your favorite colors red and pink?
  8. Is your favorite love story any of these? Romeo and Juliette Tristan and Isolde Cleopatra and Mark Anthony?
  9. When you doodle you doodle?
  10. Do you often try on wedding dresses? (be honest!)

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Quiz topic: am I a Hopeless Romantic?