are you a romantic or hopeless

My quiz is mostly about the better things in life for a hopeless or a romantic, some people are both but that's rare in a few decades. Take it to deeply understand the meaning of each one and decide for yourself which one you are. But be honest!!! lieying is bad...

Do you think you even have what it takes to be either one of these, and if you are one, then you must have a reason why. Hmm...think deeply upon it...think...think...not good enough for the thought...hmmm then answer my questions it's easier.

Created by: Jplovesu
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  1. Do you try to do romantic things for the one you love?
  2. would you give your love a note saying how you feel or do something exstravagent for them?
  3. if s/he was ever in emotinal pain would you give them room or try to consult them.
  4. on first date would you kiss them or let them kiss you?
  5. when alone in the house what would yo do?
  6. do you like to snuggle with a certain object or person??
  7. do you believe your a romantic or hopeless
  8. do you enjoy being with the one you love?
  9. did you find this quiz helpfull?
  10. are you going to try to be these things
  11. well i'm off...what do you think i am

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Quiz topic: Am I a romantic or hopeless