How Romanticly Inclined are You?

There are alot of people who consider themselves to be Romantic. But very few that prove to be true. A romantic is someone who takes that extra step to make their signifigant other feel special. While some succeed greatly others fall just a little short.

Are you Romanticly Inclined? Just how romantic are you? Are you a romantic waiting to be discovered? Or maybe a Romantic Retard with no knowledge of how to be sweet at all? Are you over the top or under the hill? Take the Quiz and Find out just how Romantic you Really Are

Created by: Chrissy

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  1. Where do you take your date for the first time?
  2. If you bring your date a Flower, what would it be?
  3. You and Your date are talking and their cell phone rings, its a friend of their opposite sex.. They take the call and leave you hanging for 5 plus minutes you....
  4. You decide to take your mate to a social gathering where you are bound to run into past flings you....
  5. You have been invited to go spend time with some friends, but you made plans already with your mate you....
  6. Your mate has expressed that they want this one particular item more than anything in this world so you....
  7. You just found out that you and your mate are expecting a baby unplanned and unprepared you
  8. Your mate just got offered a job out of state- you have been in a relationship for 1 year but are not living together- you.....
  9. You like Country and your mate is into Rap you.....
  10. What is your Favorite Holiday?

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Quiz topic: How Romanticly Inclined am I?