does she like you?

there are many lucky people,but few crushies out there.well a crush means someone who sees a point of you and also likes you for a long time..well this will help you find out.

do you have a crush?are you always wondering if she he likes you?well stop wondering this is the great quiz that would help you alot..and see if you have a crush..well good luck..i hope she/he likes you...

Created by: alexis
  1. do you like her?
  2. does she touch you?
  3. how old are you?
  4. have you ever shared drinks with her?
  5. does she have a boyfriend?
  6. has she ever offered to sit with?
  7. when you see her does she smile at you when she stares?
  8. does she ever act wierd when she sees you?
  9. do you like the same color?
  10. does she care to get your attention?

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