Is he after me (the specil 1 he sees)

their are many boys looking at girls all the time.Is the guy following you mad LOVE for you.Take this quiz and find out.mabye that guy is the correct 1 for you.

Yes or no a guy might be following you because he likes you.Does he try to hold you hand want you on his team in sports makes you laugh all the time.want to find you well now you will

Created by: Snowshoe Songdog
  1. Does he follow you around alot
  2. When playing a sport with teams does he want you on his team
  3. when he sees you does he smile
  4. if you win something does he always sat congrates
  5. on specil days does he where specil outfits to imprese you
  6. does he ever call you ''baby'' or ''angel''
  7. does he ever try to make you laugh
  8. does he ever try to hold your hand
  9. Has he ever asked you out
  10. LAST QUESTION do you like him =]

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