Does your crush like u?

Guys, they are hard to read. Do they like you? Its hard to tell, so let me help you. This quiz does NOT garentee a boyfriend just lets you know if you have a guy that likes you back.

Does YOUR crush like you? If you find your self asking this question take this quiz. If your lucky he will. But try not to rush your or your friendship is down the hole.

Created by: eviana

  1. Does he ever stare at u?
  2. Does he mintion other girls?
  3. Do u ever see him
  4. Do u show the same intrests?
  5. Does he talk to u
  6. Does he treat u like " one of the guys?"
  7. Has he ever joked around with u
  8. Does he have a girlfriend
  9. Does he know your alive
  10. Do u like him

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like u?