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A Night To Remember is a story that I came up with on Halloween. It's about a family of five, Dominic is the oldest and the boss of the rest, Kara is the second oldest and is obsessed with her blood-sister, Kendra.

Then there's William, he's always getting himself in trouble somehow with his step-sister, Kendra. Kendra has a weird love thing for him that will never go away, she's the cruel and unhappy one of the five. Then there's Reese, the youngest and weirdest of them all. Oh and I can't forget about Dominic's cat, Smokey, he's a little demon but doesn't show it when he's with Dominic.

Created by: Mr Trouble
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  1. -"Oh no...he's back again. I thought that I had gotten rid of him? Maybe he's just a figure of my imagination...or maybe he's back for revenge...this isn't good, why is he running at me full speed? Is that a sword in his hand? Oh no..."- I quickly wake up from my nightmare before it got any worse, drips of sweat racing down my face. My bed was soaked from all the sweat, my heart racing. It feels as if it's trying to escape from inside of my chest. I shake the horrible thoughts of him out of my head as I stand up, I quickly grab some fresh clothes and put them on my chair. I walk across the hallway to take a shower to get off the stickiness. After I finish my shower I walk outside the bathroom and quickly sprint across the hallway with a towel around my waist before one of my siblings see me, I don't know why but my step-sister, Kendra, always had a weird fan-girl thing for me. I quickly close my door and lock it so no intruders could get in. I turn around but I see that it was too late and pointless to lock my door. I stare at my bed, Kendra was already tearing my sweat soaked bed apart and putting the sheets and blankets into a wash bin. "What are you doing?" I asked her staring at the wash bin. "What does it look like I'm doing?" Kendra said sarcastically as she continued to pull apart my bed. "Well, could you do this another time?" I ask impatiently, still holding onto the top of my towel. She sighed and put a sheet into the wash bin "Fine, but when your wash doesn't get done, don't blame me." I watched her unlock my door and stump out, slamming it behind her.
  2. I lock my door again and quickly get dried off, I quickly slide my clothes on and grab the wash bin. I unlock my door and just as soon as I did I hear Kara call me:"William~! Breakfast is ready~!" I open my door and drag the wash bin down the steps, I see Kendra waiting at the bottom leaning against the wall, she glares up at me. I quickly get down the steps catching her glare, I set the wash bin next to the basement door. I pull my chair out and sit down, I watch Kara place the plates down in front of Dominic, Reese and me. I look up at her, "Aren't you and Kendra gonna eat?" I ask pushing my plate forward a bit. "We already ate" she said smiling at me, she grabbed her bag and then grabbed Kendra's arm. "We're going out for a bit~! See yous later~!" she calls out as she drags Kendra out the door. I could tell that they were going shopping again by the look on Kendra's face. I look over and see Reese staring at me, he quickly looks away and starts to eat. I quickly eat my food and put my plate in the sink, I sit back down in my chair. I look at Dominic as he slowly pets his cat, Smokey, I poke the cat on the head. "So, Dom, what are we doing today?" I ask him as Smokey bites my finger playfully. He continues to pet the cat, without looking up he mumbles:"We're going to a haunted house" I look at Dominic and then at Reese. Reese doesn't seem to fond about going there. "Do the girls know we're going there?" I ask trying to free my finger from that cat's grasp. Dominic suddenly stopped petting Smoke and finally looked up at me, "I don't think telling them would be a good idea, so just keep your mouth shut and don't say anything" I've never seen him look nor sound so serious before. I watch him push his chair back and get up, as he pushes his chair in he walks out the back door with Smokey cradled in his arms.
  3. I watch Dominic walk out the back door, I glance over at Reese who seems to be cleaning his glasses. He flips his hair back swiftly and puts his glasses back on his face. "So, um...when are we going?" I ask him looking at his glasses which seem to be a little crooked."Around seven or eight, it'll be full at that time but more scary" he replies fixing his glasses. "Ah, I see. Do you plan on keeping this from the girls?" I ask getting up from the table. "Keep what from who?" Kara asks setting down ten shopping bags by the couch. "Um, nothing" Reese says getting up quickly and pushing in his chair, he then walks out the back door calling for Dominic. "Well, that sure was awkward" Kendra said placing about twenty bags on the couch. "Yeah...well...Reese is that type of person" I said pushing my chair in and walking into the living room. "So...what did yous two buy this time?" I asked peering into one of the bags. All of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in the back of my neck, "That's none of your business" Kendra said pinching my neck harder. "Okay~! Okay~! Can you let go now?" I asked with a high pitch sound, I couldn't help but sound like that since she never cut her fingernails and that they felt like little knives. She let go but it still felt like she was pinching my neck, I quickly stand up. "Do you want me to take these to your rooms?" I asked, rubbing the back of my neck. "If you want to~!" Kara said smiling and holding Kendra's hand and her arm wrapped around Kendra's. "She won't get ya if I'm holding her tightly and secure~!" she said still smiling and wrapping her arm around Kendra's tighter. I could tell that Kendra wasn't happy that I was taking the bags. I stopped rubbing the back of my neck and grabbed the thirty bags that were on the couch and on the floor. I quickly made it up the steps before Kara let go of Kendra, I opened Kara's bedroom door and placed the ten shopping bags on her bed. Her room was always pink with zebra print everywhere. It kinda freaked me out how girly she was. I quickly left and closed her door, I made my way down the hall and in front of Kendra's door. Before I opened it I heard a strange noise coming from inside, not wanting to open it I placed the bags in front of her door. As I went to left one of the bags fell over, I went to go back and pick it up but a cold hand stopped me.
  4. I look back to see who it is, "Kendra? What's wrong?" I ask as she grips my arm tighter. "Leave it alone and don't touch anything of mine anymore" she let's go of my arm grabs her bags and pushes her door open with her shoulder. I watch her enter her room, I wait a couple minutes to see if she came back out but she didn't, I sigh and walk down the hallway and enter my room, I close my door and sit on my naked looking bed. It didn't feel as wet and sticky as before, I suddenly remembered about the haunted house and get back up, I start rummaging through my closet to look for my jacket. I couldn't find it so I went through my clothes basket, it wasn't there either. I quickly exit my room only to find Kendra holding up my jacket at my door. "You left it in the car so I washed it, it just dried now" I take my jacket but before I could say anything else she already went down the steps and out the front door, it sounded as if she slammed it. I sigh and put my jacket on so I wouldn't lose it again, I walk down the steps and spot Kara curled up in a ball sleeping. I creep past her and into the kitchen, I glance at the table and see Reese eating something that doesn't look nor smell healthy or delicious. Reese catches me staring at his meal, "It's not that disgusting, it's actually pretty good" Reese said eating a spoonful of it. Just as I was about to say something I was interrupted by the sound of the backdoor closing and locking. I looked to my left as I saw Dominic and his cat, Smokey, walk into the kitchen. "Dude, what's that smell?" Dominic asked as he covered his mouth with his shirt. "Reese made something that he finds 'pretty good'" I say looking down at the cat who is now rubbing against Dominic's left leg. "Right...good is the perfect word to explain it" Dominic replied as he walked out of the kitchen and into the living room with his shirt still covering his face, he sat down on the couch next to the one that Kara was sleeping on. I heard Reese mumble something but I couldn't really tell what he said. Reese finished his disgusting meal and put his plate in the sink, he began to look around. "Did ya lose something?" I ask following his wondering eyes. "Um, no actually...it's just that I-...never-mind" he walked into the living and sat down next to Kara, she slowly woke up. She sat up and stretched, nearly hitting Reese in the face. "Why you so close to me?" she asked yawning. "You're in my spot, idiot" Reese said turning on the Television and flipping through the channels. "Hmph" Kara replied, she got up and noticed me watching them. I quickly looked away as if I saw nor heard anything, I saw her smile a little then walk up the steps.
  5. I glanced at the clock on top of the Television, I look at Reese and Dominic who are now both spread out across the couches. "Hey, do you guys think that Kendra will be home in time? It's almost seven." I asked walking into the living room. "She never misses out on a family trip to wherever" Dominic replied petting Smokey who was laying in front of him. "Oh, okay then." I say sitting on the armchair in between the two large couches. Just as soon as I was getting comfortable I heard a loud bang, I quickly sat up to find Kendra walking through the door. She slammed the screen door, again. "Hey, K." Reese said without looking away from the Television, "Hey. Um, when are we leaving?" Kendra asked taking off her hood. "Soon" Dominic said watching her every move. "Soon isn't soon enough." Kendra said walking into the kitchen to grab some cold water. "Well, maybe if your sister would hurry up we wouldn't be waiting right now." Reese said still watching the Television. 'Hey, don't blame me. Yous still aren't even dressed." Kara said rushing down the steps and quickly turning off the Television. "Now go get dressed or else my bad side WILL come out" she threatened, scared Reese and Dominic scurried across the floor and up the stairs fleeing to their rooms. I get up before I get yelled at as well, I walk over to the door and grab my shoes I quickly slide them on. Kendra walks out of the kitchen and pokes my side, I jumped back a little. Somehow she knew that I was very ticklish, Kara glanced over at us before sliding on her sneakers. "I wonder where we're all going" she thought aloud. "Eh, who knows." Kendra replied sitting on the couch next to the door. I looked over at the steps and saw Reese and Dominic race down them, they already had their shoes on...how odd. Dominic quickly grabbed the car keys and unlocked the car. He got in the drivers side as Reese got into the passengers side. Kara and me both went out the door and got into the car, Kendra got up grabbed the house keys, got outside, closed and locked the door. She got to the car and got in, Dominic started the car up, put it in drive and hit the gas. Before we knew it we were already on some highway that we've never seen before.
  6. As we're driving on some weird unknown highway I had the feeling that it would take awhile so I slouched down in my seat and rested my head back, closing my eyes slowly. I begin to fall asleep as I feel something lay on my lap, I ignore it and fall asleep. I didn't get much sleep lately due to all of my nightmares. I sleep for about a half an hour, as I slowly wake up and open my eyes I noticed that we were still moving, as I go to sit up I realized that Kendra's head is sleeping on my lap. I stop moving and place my arm around her, I believe that this is the first time that she wasn't trying to kill me. I look up from Kendra's sleeping face only to see a huge sign saying: "Welcome to Johnston Town Haunted House! - Beware!". I keep my eye on the sign as we past it, I slowly shake Kendra's shoulder to try and wake her up. She wakes up slowly and a bit grumpy. "Where are we?" she asks rubbing her sleepy eyes. "Somewhere that you might like" Dominic said parking the car in an open field with few cars on it and turning it off. "Now, we need to wait a little while due to the line but I'm pretty sure that the line will be short in no time" Dominic said zippering up his jacket and putting his hood on. "I heard it was suppose to rain tonight" Kara said looking up at the cloudy sky. "Perfect time to come to a haunted house, no?" Reese asked as he zipped up his jacket and put his hood up. I looked over at Kendra who was now sitting up and pulled her hood up, "Now is not the best time be catching a cold." I said zippering up her jacket. It was the best time to do it when she was still tired. "Catching a cold isn't a problem for me, I get over them quickly anyways." she replied yawing and stretching. Kara opened the car door and looked down at the gooey looking dirt, she sighed and carefully go out. Dominic and Reese soon opened their doors and got out as well, "Stop making kissy faces and let's go" Dominic said walking towards a building. Reese walked along side of Dominic and they were laughing so I'm assuming they were making jokes about me and Kendra, I notice Kara walk quickly towards them and linking Dominic's arm with hers. I looked over at Kendra and saw her blushing, I open the car door and get out. I hold the door open for her to get out as well, she very slowly gets out and lands on the gooey dirt. I close the door and grab her hand, as we start to walk towards the building I hear footsteps behind us, I take a glance back but no one was there. I start to think that it was just my imagination, we arrived at the building and meet up with the rest. I noticed that Dominic had already bought five tickets, he hands us all one and keeps one for himself. He looks around then moves towards a tent, we all follow him. When we got into the tent there weren't many people here, we get into a line with about ten people in it. I overheard the guy saying that people can only go into groups three or less, of course Kara and Reese heard him and immediately told Dominic and paired up with him. So now I'm stuck with a maniac who will probably punch everyone in sight. We begin to move forward as I hear the leaves cracking outside the tent, curios, Kendra let's go of my hand and looks back, there was someone peeking in on us. Then, he disappeared and Kendra returned to me but not holding my hand this time.
  7. I go to grab her hand but then realized that grabbing Kendra's hand would probably lead me to death. Another two groups go in, leaving Dominic, Reese, and Kara going next. I look behind us and notice that allot more people came in, it's only been about a half an hour since we've been here. I feel something wrap themselves around my arm, I look down and notice Kendra's arms wrapped around mine. Could she be cold? Or maybe she's scared? It's kinda hard to tell since she barely shows anyone her emotions. Ten minutes pass, Dominic, Reese and Kara head out and into what seems like a bunch of trailers linked together. As we get closer I notice a sign above the guy's head, it read: "If you don't touch them, they won't touch you". I heard a low growl coming from beside me, I'm assuming that Kendra read the sign and noticed that if she didn't want anyone touching her, she shouldn't touch them. I free my arm and wrap it around her, I hear a couple of people saying "aww" due to the fact that I did that. I sigh and before I knew it the guy said that we could go into the trailers, we both start to walk towards the trailers and out of nowhere it started to rain and become cold. We open the door to get inside, we step up and get against a wall. It was dark...a little too dark, I hear the door creak as it slowly closed behind us. We move up a little bit, the lights turned on, it was a dim lighting but we could still see. We look around and notice a machine that had a dummy in it, relieved we both get off the wall and start to look about the room, I notice a piece of paper and it has instructions on it to a mad scientist experiment...it was to the machine. I showed it to Kendra and she looked inside a box that was attached to the machine, "A few wires are missing but it should work..." Kendra said closing the box and returning to me. She reread the instructions carefully, and walked back over to the machine she put it a wire and then pulled a lever. The lights started flickering, scared, Kendra returned to me and hugged me tightly. It went dark again, for a few seconds we were in a room with a dummy in the dark. The dim lights turned back on and the dummy was gone, we slowly started to back up but we realized that we were already against the wall. The lights started to flicker once more and then out of nowhere, a guy jumped out from the machine, scaring the crap out of both of us. He then started to move towards us, forcing us to move into a small place, I looked around, it seemed to be one of those crazy cells that prisons keep crazy people in. The lights in here started to flicker as well, "Move" said a low growl. "MOVE" the growl said again but a bit higher, I knew it wasn't Kendra because her face was buried into my side.We begin to move and I open a door, it closes by itself and now me and Kendra are in some sort of closet. I hear banging on the walls around us, followed by that was high-pitched screams. We begin to move through the clothes when we find the door I open it and we move through it. Now it seems as if we're in a maze, but we aren't. We begin to move, the floor starts to jolt us back and forth, as soon as we move off of the jolting floors we move into a room, I notice a girl rocking back and forth in the corner.
  8. The girl quickly gets up, "Please you have to help me~! There's a monster under my bed and it won't leave~!" she cries pointing at the bed, we both focus on the bed as it starts to move up and down with lights flickering underneath it. Suddenly, the girl gets throw against the wall and then she starts to scream pointing behind us. We both look behind us, we notice a tall muscular guy that looked really creepy coming towards us, "Get out" he demanded as he approached us, "Get out, now!" he said now screaming. As we begin to walk towards the door the girl starts saying something but she was cut off by the monster, "Shut up!" he yelled at her apparently following us. As we got out of the room he was no longer insight, just as we thought the maze was over, a new one began. Kendra finally let go of me, she grabbed my hand and dragged me along, I'm assuming she knows the way out. Just as soon as we found an exit, a guy with a chainsaw popped out of nowhere, frightened Kendra jumped back. She shook the thought of him out of her mind and continued to drag me along, my heart was racing...why did he look like the guy from my nightmares, and why was his eyes fixed on me? I quickly lose my vision of him as soon as Kendra pulled me out into the pouring rain, this evening wasn't over yet...
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