Unnatural...: The truth

Rosella Night. Her future when she leaves school has my chosen her mother, who wants her to find her father who left her before Rosella was born. Everyone calls she Spark, the thing that scares her is sometimes she can't remember yesterday.

I don't make stories for you to read, I make them for myself to read and write. But a comment is still good. This is just about Rosella Night's / Spark's past. INPORTANT INFO, so the story doesn't really start. Only a little but is filled with informant details. Like Andy, Flame and Black Night.

Created by: singin234
  1. I remember the day, it was a good day. The sun shined down, the wind lightly blew and wasn't the cold. The grass was dry; I was lying under the shady tree in the afternoon. "Hey I am Chase" A male voice said, I looked up to see the person. Only to be blinded by a bright light, that was the sun. The first thing I noticed was his eyes, misty purple eyes. They stared at me, burring into my soul, now looking back I saw right. It was burring into my soul. Then his hair, his light brown hair that fell messily. I was speechless, my eyes staring into his. A huge smile on our faces, everything just clicked into place. "I'm..." I stuttered, my voice was dry and it showed. I swallowed "I am Rosella" I said, rubbing my knuckles together nervously. Then silence, he passed me a note. His number and I private note, it was in running writing and at the end was a smiley face. "˜I have been watching you for awhile. No I am not a stalker, well not yet to you. If I go another day without talking to you, I'll turn into your stalker XD. ### Is my number, text me yours please? I am Chase, I have one class with you and I always see you sitting under this tree. What's your story? I'll tell you mine and you can come along. I promise' I smiled, like a dork. I thought he was crazy, but then I realized he had already gone. I promise, I thought to myself that day.
  2. So I texted a random stranger, I was an idiot. That was a years ago and after that day, I never saw him again. I still go to the park every afternoon, just waiting under the same tree. Waiting for Chase to come back again, just sitting. "Hey going to the park, the old ghost park" Andy asks catching up to me. I nod "Yeah, that old park. Where else" I tell her, walking along the path, kicking rocks as I go. "That's cool, you got guts. I have to go, I'll go another time" Andy lied again, people are scared of the park. Because rumours of a death there, that didn't stop me but surprisingly it stopped Andy. The toughest girl I know, she kind of looks scary. Short black hair, with red streaks with yellow eyes and a huge hole in her ear. "Okay later Andrea" I tease, her real name is Andrea. But she likes Andy. "Later Spark" She yells running off, my name is Rosella but somehow I got the nickname Spark. I think it was because I love fireworks and the send out sparks. It was a night and we were little and at a bonfire. I was next to a guy my age called Derek. Good looking kid and still is. "Look at those sparks" I said at the same time he said "Look at those flames", so everyone calls Derek Flame now. Dark red hair and dark red eyes as well. Hasn't changed much since he was a kid but he was gotten a lot stronger. Andy, Spark and Flame, that's us.
  3. I swing my bag on the grass, plonking myself down beside it. "So glad it's not raining" I say to myself outloud, then shut myself up. It's a habit to talk to something under this tree. Also if it did rain it doesn't matter, the tree protects me. I got out my homework, started writing a story. That's what out homework is for today. 'I froze. Trembling all over, my legs like jelly. Falling to the ground of my knees. In front of me was the thing that my father spent his whole life working for. That book, is the only thing I have got left...' I quickly put down. Stretching my hands up in the air, I am done. "Yes" I call out, then notice someone else is in the park. I let my arms drop, then I realize a dog is in the park. As it comes closer, I realize it's a wolf. That's a wolf. ifreeze. It's clean and doesn't smell. "Oh" I let escape my lips. A huge dark brown wolf is in front of me. "Sharp" I asks surprised
  4. Sharp. It brings me back before Chase and Spark, Innocent, free, lonely me. I was running though this park and found myself in the dark forest. I slowly went to a walk, rubbing my knuckles together nervously. "Mummy" I called out, I was trembling. "What's a little girl like you doing here" A voice growled, I turned around to see a dark brown wolf. I thought the wolf could talk, no one believed me. I almost go sent away. "I got lost" I told the wolf, tears rolling down my face. "That way to the park" The wolf told me, pointing its paw to a path. I laughed "I should have tried that path. Thanks you. What's your name" I asked him, stepping into the path. "Sharp" He barked at me "What's yours" he asks me. I turn around and smile at him. "I can't tell you" I shouted at him then ran off, waving my hand behind me. I stare into Sharp's golden brown eyes, "it's you" I whisper.
  5. "You" The Sharp whispers, no he can't talk. Someone is playing a joke, that's it. I am speechless, "Impossible" we both whisper. I am frozen to the spot, rubbing knuckles with my other set of knuckles. My throat dries up, again. "Nothing is impossible" I whisper to myself, the wolf just stares at me. "Later Sharp" I say standing up and walking off. Wobbling walking off, why would he say impossible? Then something moves in the blushes. Turning my head, Sharp jumps in front of me. "Run" He barks to me. Then I run.
  6. I quickly run inside, running straight to my room. Panting, I fall back on my bed. Staring up at the white ceiling above me, what was that? Sharp, that memory that happed came rushing back. I hadn't remembered meeting Sharp and tomorrow I bet I won't remember him. But why, why don't who ever let me suffer by remembering? I want to remember every Unnatural thing that ever happens.
  7. Unnatural _part 1_
  8. "Hey Spark" Andy waves from the side of the building. Her short black hair dancing to side to side in the wind, as she runs over. "You know what Spark, I am going to grow my hair long" Andy decides, with Andy everything happens so fast. "Yeah good luck Andy" A male voice says laughing. We turn to see Flame; he has a huge smirk on his face. Before Andy can answer, the bell rings. "Later" Andy growls running off, I stare at Flame. Who is laughing at Andy as she runs away, "Saved by the bell" I tell him. Then wave and run off, everything with these two go fast.
  9. Class is pretty quiet; all I do is stare out the window. "Rosella, please read your story out" The teachers says, making me jump. "Um sure" I say coolly, I am panicking. I didn't work on it yesterday, did I? (Listen to skinny love by Birdy for this part) "...I froze. Trembling all over, my legs like jelly. Falling to the ground of my knees. In front of me was the thing that my father spent his whole life working for. That book, is the only thing I have got left and the old chance to find him. For my dearest father has gone missing my job to find him and bring him home. Was forced on by my mother for thinks everything is going to be fine..." (you can turn to music off now) "Um it's good" The teacher lies, with a fake smile. I am going to fail so badly. My mum is going to kill me. But the story is true; my father went missing before I was born. Once I left school my mother wanted me to find him. She only has two more weeks to wait then her wish is going to come true. My real name is Rosella Night, my father Black Night. I remember laughing about it. "Black Night, really mummy" I laughed at her not believing it. She pushed a lock of her blond hair behind her ear. People say she has gold hair, it shines like gold in the sun. Her name is Gold Night, but they call her Gabe. My family is pretty werid. I am surpised I wasnt named Purple Night.
  10. I walk back to my seat, banging my head softly against the desk. "Nice story Spark, it suits you" A strange voice said in my head, the voice was warm. I had heard it before somewhere, but I was smirk. I am too tried to act surprised "˜thanks' I think back. I guess it does suit me, a tragic story with a sad ending. The ending, how will I write the ending of my book? Because life doesn't really end, maybe the person should die? "˜I hate sad endings' Andy told me once when I was younger, "˜I am never reading another dam book' she mumbled. Her eyes watery, "˜why do they have sad endings Flame' Andy asks. He looked at me for some reason "˜because sometimes there is no other way to end it'. I shook my head at that moment, hugging my knees. "˜No, there is always another way' I told them, my thoughts had left them. I found myself thinking about my dad, maybe he took the easy way out. To run. "Rosella the bell went" The teacher snapped me out of my thoughts. "Okay thanks" I mumble as she smiles and walks away. I am about to walk out the door, when I jolt to a stop. "Oh by the way you can't lie" I call to the teacher than walk away.

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