What Type Of Marylander Are You?

This may be off.I'm notsure...but I only used Eastern Shore viewpoints in this quiz... and now for a little randomness.*head bangs to Unnatural Selection*

I wanna speak in a language you understand cant you bear all this commotino were nto droplets in the ocean,ocan.the look you dont share at all. no room for faith its a random sense of selection I want the truth. :]

Created by: ThatJew

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You come home and get out of your car.what type is it?
  2. You go out for a day on the bay.What do you bring?
  3. Your friend calls you and asks what you want to do tonight.You Reply:
  4. You come home, and your dog is right there waiting for you.What Breed is it?
  5. You go to the Mall.You walk into your favorite store.What's it's name?
  6. You're tired so you sit down and watch some T.V.What show are you watching?
  7. You're at home on you Xbox.What game are you playing?
  8. GEtting bored?I sure am...
  9. Question 10...are you Black?
  10. Look at the last Question again.see anything wrong with it?

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Marylander am I?