Beyond the light (part 1)

"Beyond the light" is a new book created by myself. It is set in 1943, when Marys (a 14 year old girl) mother was killed by a half-defused bomb. Her Father re-marrys to a Woman who doesn't really care. But when she is sent to do a chore- she finds a magical light, and goes to explore a new world.

This is a great book, for people of the ages 11+. The genre is Fantasy/Drama, and soon there will be a part 2 coming. Please enjoy, and you may rate this story is you want- and comment if you wish. Thanks!

Created by: OmegaWolf
  1. Dear Diary. Today, i have just realised what true pain can really do. It felt like my throat was all clogged up, with heaps of goose fat and lard, today... i lost my mother, to a half-defused bomb. Watching her suffer, watching her bleed made me feel like i had lost the will to live. When will this war end... May 19th, 1943.
  2. "Mary!" her step-mother shouted from downstairs. The voice echoed like an owls screech in the night terrain. "Ugh..." Mary moaned, pulling the bed cover to her left ear. "NOW!" the scream echoed again. Mary flung out from the cover, grasping for her bucket. She tiptoed down the stairs, hoping her step-mother would not hear. "MARY! You little-" Suddenly her father entered the room. "Sweetheart!" the woman quickly said. Marys father gave a slight smile. "I'm glad you are both getting on very well" he rumbled, tearing his teeth in to a fresh chicken wing. He chewed with his mouth closed. Sandra (The step mother) Gripped on to Marys wrist, digging her nails in to them. Suddenly father left the room, and Sandra continued. "You little rascal!" The bucked rattled in Marys fists.
  3. "Fetch me some water from the well!" She screeched. "Don't you DARE think about slacking off, taking the water for yourself... oh and don't take over 1 hour, or else you will face a BIG consiquence..." Poor Mary gluped and ran outside, her rugged hair caught itself on to the door. Sandra tugged Marys hair from the door painfully, causing her to shed a small tear, which tasted salty when it touched her cracked lips.
  4. Mary dipped her toes in to the wet and damp muddy earth. She traced her steps carefully, until she could feel the wet touch of the lake. She walked in, Collecting as much water as possible. A robin landed on the handle of the bucket, looking in to the 14 year old girls eyes. It twisted his head about 45 degrees, and let out a high pitched screech. She held her hand out to pet it, until it flapped it's wings gracefully and landed on the nearest branch. The Robin Hopped, trying to tell Mary to follow him. She stepped around cautiously in the water, leading herself in to a dark forest- a stream instead of a path, and no human has ever walked before. She contiued walking, and dropped the bucket right behind her...
  5. The robin stayed put on to the twig hanging on the wet terrain. It cheeped, cherruped, until a bullet suddenly flung out of nowhere, hitting the small bird off the twig and in to the deep water. It lifted it's body, it's feathers had changed colour, and they looked all rugged and scruffy. It cawed aggressively, hungering for the taste of carrion... It was a crow
  6. Another misterious bullet shot, which Mary could hear inside the stream forest. A flock of birds whacked away at the leaves, causing her to stay still. The water swished around when another bullet flung off, she breathed heavily...
  7. Suddenly a huge light appeared infront of her. The water swished again, causing her to consume some. She coughed aggressivly, and fell deeply in to the water. He cheecks expanded with air, as she swam before the light in front of her.
  8. The waves came out from the forest. The tide became deeper and deeper. Mary gasped for breath, and she clawed the water with her hand. She finally got to the top of the tide, seeing the light just over a meter away, she stepped carefully again. The crow flew in, landing on her shoulder, cawing and screeching, An outline of the creature, standing by the enterance of the forest
  9. The 14 year old girl stopped still again for a second. The sun rays slipped through the gaps, not allowing Mary to see the full outline of the misterious creature shooting bullets. She held the side of her hand to her forehead, to try and get a better view. Another bullet flung, which hit a leaf close to her shoulder, exacly where the crow was sitting.
  10. All the exits where blocked- she knew that her step mother would scold her if she didn't return, but the poor teenage girl had no choice but to jump in to the light and see what was beyond it, another bullet flew; She jumped in to the light without hesitation...

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