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  • I like your characters here... they're all very eccentric, though, to me, the character of Kendra is a bit inconsistent, thought that's just from this first taste - I'd like to get to know more about her :)

    I thought that this was quite good, with some grammatical errors, mainly run-on sentences and punctuation issues, though the presentation was all together not bad. I would continue to read this.

    Also, poor William XD He's like the awkward middle child, surrounded by these eccentric siblings. My favorite character is Reese for some reason x) To an extent I feel like your characters could be characters in a slice of life anime... anyway, I saw something about the cast of this story, so I'll go check that out

  • x.x I seriously hate this comment thing.
    (Aside from that)
    There was no need to just end it like that!


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