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Anyway, so I think we both (whoever's on the other side of the computer screen and I) can agree that it's been an awfully long (bout two or three weeks) time since I've written.

Anyway, so this is another one of those 'coming soon' additions where I tell you guys about story ideas that I have and you pretty much 'vote' (WRITE IN THE COMMENTS WHICH ONES YOU LIKE) Ps. I will be updating the Girl Who Lived this weekend or next. (been so busy) and I don't know when these will be out, but if you want a say in what stories will be written, vote in da comments section.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. BEwitched- This is pretty much about the life of a 'witch' during the Salem Witch trials and a fight for justice; and it only goes downhill from there.
  2. Alysson in Wonderland- This is another one of my attempts to write another completely darker fairytale. It's about the daughter of Alice Liddel. After her mother returned from Wonderland, she told of her journey. Although this didn't go too well with the Asylum she had been put in. Desperate to find proof that Wonderland isn't a figment of her mother's imagination and desperation to prove her sanity, Alysson journeys to wonderland for proof
  3. PrIsoN BrEaK
  4. Spl it- is about someone having the difficulty of living with several personalities
  5. Eternal- What if you were in a situation where you could never age? Where everyone around you aged and died while you stayed the same age? The tale of being eternal
  6. Wallflower- Gosh, I know that I wrote maybe 5 chapters of it and moved on but I've been thinking of reviving it since I've already thought of what's gonna happen next.
  7. Ps. I really don't think I'm gonna continue 'before you say goodbye' I honestly think it was a bad idea to write it since I felt sad while writing it, so I'm gonna end it. Maybe even delete it. but that won't be for a while
  8. Girl Who Lived- this really isn't an option since I definitely will continue writing it but I decided that since I'll continue writing it in the future, I would put this up
  9. Espionage- *cough* figure it out *cough* but anyway, if you're really too lazy, I created a summary below. (It's about a spy who enrolls into a prestigous school in a foreign country. WHAT SHE EXPECTS: to gather information on the truth, maybe bash some heads together,head back to her base with her whole team alive and expose them. WHAT SHE DOESN'T EXPECT: To fall in love and have her secret exposed
  10. Chopinssonata's corner- It isn't where I go to sulk (I wish). It's pretty much where I rant on and on about stuff that isn't relevant to anything. I could've done youtube videos on stuff like this but since I really dislike looking at myself, I'll do this
  11. as you can tell since the last option wasn't even really a story, that I'm running out of ideas for now.
  12. Please write which stories you want in the comment box

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