The Girl Who Lived part 49

Hey, so scratch my "I will update about every weekend" I have no idea when I will be busy and when I will not, so I will update or write whenever I can.

Anyway, I will update whenever possible. The longest amount of time for a new chapter should be about maybe the most would be 2 weeks probably. Unless I put some kind of nitice out.

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. "I'm glad that you two are at the very least friends though." Mrs.Malfoy said looking over at Draco who was greeting guests. "Why? I heard from Lucius that I'm not respectable and smart enough to be his friend. I'm not even sure that he thinks of me as a friend." I responded.
  2. "I bet he thinks of you as a friend. I haven't seen him with really anyone besides Crabbe, Goyle and that Pansy Parkinson that he desperately tries to avoid. About Lucius, whatever he says, don't take it to heart. Even though he says that he doesn't think you're worthy of being Draco's friend since your a Pureblood, I don't think so.You're a wonderful girl and I can see more kindness in Draco's heart even though it's very little. It's starting to spread little by little." She said aloud. From across the yard, I could see Draco who had finished introducing his guests and began heading towards us.
  3. "I'm glad that he invited you to be his date. To be honest, I simply detest that Pansy Parkinson. She's so annoying." Mrs. Malfoy said passing Draco as she left. "Draco." She said, tilting her head forward slightly. To show that she aknowledged him.
  4. "Mother." Draco repeated. On his way towards me, he spotted something on the ground. Something shiny. My necklace. Draco bent forward to pick up the object and held it up to the gradual setting sun to examine the item. "Your necklace." He said, still staring at the silver chain. "Don't worry, I'll buy you a new one. I'll tear up the reciept again so that you can't return it."
  5. "Thanks but, I really don't need a new one. The chain just snapped. I can fix it something. Duct tape or even glue. Duct tape can fix anything. There are endless possibilities." I started.
  6. "Nonsense." He said putting his flat palm towards me as an indication to stop. "I'll buy you a new one. a mere pure silver necklace doesn't cost much."He just lied right there. I know that a pure silver necklace was enough to feed the entire Weasley family for about a year. I figured I would go along with his little charade since it was his party after all. "Shall we go?" He asked extending his arm out towards me. "Go where?" I asked hesitant to take his arm. "To the dance floor of course."
  7. part 2
  8. I accepted his hand that he had held out in front of me. He escorted me to the dance floor. Or what could've had been the dance floor according to a piece of lined paper taped to a table that marked it. My hand felt warmed in his as the weather had become slightly colder as the night went on. As I walked, the bottom of my tafetta dress swished around. We were the first ones on the dance floor. I could feel eyes on us, but I didn't pay attention to them. It didn't matter in the least bit of what they thought of me. He placed his hand on my back while I put mine on his shoulder that he hadn't been holding. The song was a waltz, with a melancholy tune, but it made you want to dance. As we danced, I could feel so much energy. As we continued to dance, no one had entered the dance floor yet.
  9. "Are we supposed to be dancing yet? No one else is on the dance floor." I asked as he twirled me and we went back to our steps. "Yes. What do I care if we catch a couple of eyes." Said Draco A matter-factly. "Act as if they're not there."
  10. I sighed and tried to block those staring judgemental eyes on me. The cold glares coming from Pansy, Ron blubbering some random stuff as he ate some kind of crusty looking food that fell out of his mouth as he talked and Lucius who looked menacing. His arms were folded as he watched every move, Every breath. Every mistake. I could sense he was mentally critisizing me and pointing out all my faults. As I was processing all of this, the last thing that I was paying attention to was the dancing or the music. Then I made one fatal mistake that surely everyone would be laughing at, I stepped on his foot. Suddenly there was a huge commontion that distracted the attention away from my mistake.
  11. "Look what You've done to my dress! You completely ruined it!" Screeched Pansy from the corner. Sure enough, I knew what had happened before I looked at the situation when I spotted the twins. Fred was holding an empty wine glass upside down over on Pansy's head, spoiling her ivory white dress. George was holding an uncorked wine bottle in his right hand and a tray in his left. "Look, now it's starting to stain. You must do something to fix my dress immediately!" She began to throw a tantrum like a 5 year old who refused to nap during nap time. "I can't wear a dress with two completely different colors."
  12. Then, George took the wine bottle, lifted it over her head and poured or splashed the remaining amount of wine within the bottle. "There, now your dress is all the same shade. A Shipwrecked 1907 Heidsieck shade. It definitely compiments your sourness."
  13. "That's a great one George!" Fred said between laughs as he slowly began to turn the color of the wine from laughing too much. Pansy stormed off and left for the house to get herself cleaned up. I turned to Draco. "Sorry for stepping on your foot." "Well, you're a lot heavier than you look. To make it up, you owe me one more dance." "Okay." The music began and danced for what felt like hours.

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