Are you a true directioner?

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There are many people who think they are true directioners but a lot aren't! To be be a true directioner you have to learn a lot about One Direction and know their songs

Are you a true directioner? Do you know all about One Direction? Well, we will see after you take my quiz to see if you are a true directioner or not!

Created by: Alyssa

  1. What are all the members of one direction's names?
  2. Which member is Irish?
  3. Which guy likes cats?
  4. Which member was born with only one kidney?
  5. In what month was Zayn born?
  6. Louis said he likes girls who like ...
  7. What comes next : Shut the door Turn the light off I wanna be with you
  8. Who is the youngest member?
  9. What Did Jimmy Protest?
  10. Which two members have the same middle name?
  11. What place did they come in on the X -Factor?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true directioner?