Moon Goddess part 4

I am so sorry this came out so late. I hope y'all can forgive me. So just enjoy this part and please don't hate me. I just didn't have time to do this over.

The computer thingy erased my data so I had to do this over again but please enjoy my quiz. Oh and BeautifulGames thank you for the awesome comments on my quiz. You kept me going.

Created by: 1Direction Gurl

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  1. -Lulu's POV- So Jake came when we were explaining everything to her. So I was pretty pissed off about that. Then he goes and says that he could kick my ass. No, my ass could not be kicked. Hopefully. I said some mean words and the fight had begun. ______ went upstairs so she was safe. I kicked a few monster butts and was on a role. Until Liam was in trouble. I had to stand up for my man. So kicked the monsters ass and talked to Liam and asked if he was okay. Of course he wasn't the real Liam I thought he was. It was a shapeshifter; with a knife. I was dead be cause it wasn't just a knife, it was a stake. A wooden stake, not the food.
  2. He didn't think twice about shoving it into me. "Thanks a lot. My boyfriend's gonna kill you just like you killed me. Or just like your killing me. BTW, go to hell." "No, cuz you'll be there." he ran, but Liam caught him. "Don't worry, she's not." he drove a knife into it's heart. I fell to the ground. "Good job babe!" I moaned. He rushed to my side. "Shut up, you're dying!" He was panicking, like always when I get hurt. First he took the stake out. Which, of course was the worst idea went someone has a knife or in my case a steak sticking out of their body. I screamed when he took it out. Jake went up the stairs to find _____. "Go help ______. She needs you." "No, I'm not leaving your side." he was starting to cry. We've never been in this situation. It killed me to see him crying.
  3. -Your POV- I woke up in a tree in the forest, of course. I didn't remember what happened last night. I was pretty sure I heard a scream and someone was trying to capture me. I had a pounding my head. Oh no, mom is going to kill me. I thought. How long was I out. There were so many questions in my head. "______! _______!" I heard a voice call out. Then there was a few others calling my name too. I wasn't sure if I should've called out. I mean, what if it was Jake. Isn't that what Lulu said? "Yes, it is." I heard Lulu's voice inside my head. I scared me so much, I screamed and fell out of the tree. "________!" someone yelled. I heard their footsteps coming closer. "Leave me alone, Jake!" I yelled, then I ran. Of course they ran after me. Jesse caught up to me quickly. "Oh, it's only you Jesse." "Yeah, why did you think I was Jake?" he looked at me weird.
  4. "Because, I don't know your voice really well and don't know his voice, so I just thought since he was looking for me. Sorry." "Well, whatever." I turned around cause that was where the house was. But before I could take a step, Jesse stopped me from moving any farther. "Jake's troops are surrounding the house. We can't go back." he was pretty hot when he was saying that. Like so hot, I almost died right in that spot. "Yeah, so where are we going to meet the others?" I asked walking the other way from the house. He followed me. "We're meeting at a gas station." he said it not looking at me at all. We were walking in silence until I broke the silence. "So how did you catch up to me so fast?" he looked at me like I was crazy. "I was running with vampire speed, duh." "I was running with vampire speed too, duh." I said mocking his tone. "Oh, well I can explain that. Well the rest of us can run faster than you because your out of practice."
  5. "Once you practice more, you'll be faster than all of us." he said. A few more minutes of walking in silence later, we were at the station. I saw Joe, Jason and a very sad Liam sitting at a table. I guess Lulu was in the bathroom. When Joe saw me, he came running. He picked me up and spun me around. Jesse stepped back to avoid getting hit by my spinning legs. "Wow, you are really happy to see me?" he put me down and pecked me on the lips and looked me in the eyes. "Of course I'm happy to see you." he said softly. Jason, Jesse and even Liam looked jealous. He took my hand and steered me toward the table. Jason got up to hug me, but I put my hands up to tell him don't.
  6. I gave Liam a hug before sitting down next to him and Joe. "So, where are we going now?" I asked. "We're to my friend Cece's house." Jason said before Joe could say anything. "She's a ghost, and a very pretty one." he looked in space like he was remembering her. "Speaking of ghosts, where is Kyle?" "He's coming." Joe said before Jason. For the rest of the time we just talked and ate breakfast. Then Kyle came and he explained more about my immortality. I don't die because when this human like dies, which is like in 1000 years, I just start as a first grader again. Kyle says in vampire royalty years, I'm ten. The difference between vampire years and vampire royalty years is that regular vampires never die, but I do and when I do, I add a year to how old I am. But I stay a teenager forever. So I grow up from a kid to a 20 year old. So I have to move from place to place. I can die whenever I want to.
  7. But apparently, I don't remember anything from my other life. Each time I die, more vampires realize who I am. I change forms every time. So I can be a man on the outside, but I'm all woman on the inside. So everything has some flaw cause something can kill them, including me. I know they said I was immortal, but of course something could kill me, forever. But we don't know. There is only one person on this earth that knows cause they were the one who killed the previous queen. An of course that person who is trying to capture me. Yup, Jacob Flash. But let's not focas on me dying. How I was born.
  8. So, when I was just a wee baby, my mama was at work and I was at home with the babysitter. Or was she really a babysitter? Nope, she was the vampire queen in hiding. So, she was pretending to be a babysitter so she could find the right baby to give her powers to. So if a royal vampire bites you and gives you their venom, they give you their immortality, some powers and more. So Jake was trying to get the beautiful Maria ( the vampire queen) to marry him so he could become royalty too. His father gave him ancient powers that only the Flash family had. Jake was given a job to do. Release the mythical creatures into the human world. The creatures would feed off of the humans or make them their slaves. It was horrible. So the queen before Maria never married any man because she couldn't trust any of the men, just ion case they were on the bad side.
  9. So Jake needed her to marry him so he could have the power. Before he found her, he did years of research of how to kill her. Finally h found it and killed her. She bit me before my mom got home. So that's the whole story. "Got it?" Kyle said. He was the one who really explained it. Joe and Jason jumped in at parts of the story. "Lot to take in, but yeah, got it." I said. Lulu was still in the bathroom. But she could take a long time. Well, she did just go through a battle. She was probably applying more make-up. Us vampires gotta look good, ya know. "Well, we should get going." Jason got up from the table and stretched. "So where is this CeCe?" I asked. I got out of my chair and stretched too. Well after that, we all stretched. "She lives in Korrea. It's really not that far."
  10. We were about to get on a bus, but then I remembered about Lulu. I stopped Liam. " Wait, what about Lulu? We can't just leave her in the bathroom." He got on the bus anyway. I sat by him. "Did you not hear me? I said we can't-" "I heard what you said," he interrupted. "Lulu is dead." a tear rolled down his face. "She died durning the battle." I didn't believe what I just heard. Lulu. Dead. Never. "No, you're lying. She's not dead." Tears were forming in my eyes. Why Lulu? "I'm not lying," now I could see why she liked him. The British accent was getting to me. I hugged him and he hugged me. The rest of the ride, we were holding each other sobbing in each other's arms.
  11. -Time Forward- Right in front of me was a huge mansion, that could be mistaken as a small castle. "Here it is!" Jason said. Liam and I were still kind of hugging. A girl came out of the castle. "Jason!" she went up to Jason and gave him a hug. "I didn't know you were coming. Who are your friends? Wait, I know blondie. Kyle, right?" "Yeah, so nice house." "Thanks, let's all go in and play the name game." I followed her into the house. We had now luggage, since the house was taken over. She led us into a blue room with a flat screen, 3 couches and bean bags. I sat down next to Liam on the floor. We were still heartbroken that Lulu was gone. She was like a sister to me and meant everything to Liam. "Now before we talk about why you're here, what are your names?" she had kind of a happy voice that the 30 year old mothers in the movies had. It matched her apperence. She had brown, curly hair with blue eyes and flawless skin. "My name is Joe," Joe said. "I'm ______ and this is Liam. That's Jesse and Kyle. You already know Jason." I said. "Oh, well welcome to my house. So why ya guys here?" "You can cut the voice CeCe. We're all cool here." Jason said. "Oh, good. I was going to die." CeCe had a normal teenage girl voice. Kind of like Lulu's. But now she's gone. "Well, we need to hide _______. So.... Can we hide her here?" "Are you bad?" CeCe asked me. "No," "Good, you all can stay. So, go find a room." she left us to find our ways.
  12. "Well, I know where all the rooms are," Jason pipped up. "Follow me," We went up stairs, through hallways, and through doors until we finally got to a hallway filled with rooms. "So you guys can pick where you want to sleep. But the second to last door on the right is mine. I'm going to get something to eat." he went to an elevator that was disguised as a wall. "Whoa, we took the stairs but there was an elevator?" Joe said. He looked at Jason like he was about to strangle him. "Yeah," he got on the elevator and the doors closed. Joe was really mad, because he has a fear of stairs. It was like Jason was trying to freak Joe out. That probably was what he was trying to do.
  13. Liam and I decied to have rooms nex to each other. I got a perfect room. Well, for my taste. A beautiful shade of red covered the walls with a queen set bed and a flat screen TV. I had a walk in closet and there were already clothes in it. I layed in my bed and just relaxed. It was a long day, but it was only 12:04. It was about 3 hours ago when I ate. I lazily got out of bed and left my perfect room. I went next door to see what Liam got for his room. I knocked and Liam called sadly that I could go in. The room was perfect for him. Maybe I wasn't his girlfriend but I know Liam. It had lime green walls with a king size bed and a walk in closet. He was just sitting on his bed staring at a picture. I could see who it was, but I had a feeling it was Lulu. I went to sit next to him. As I thought, Lulu. It was her year book picture. 8th grade, her best picture ever. "I miss her too. But you have to move on." a tear rolled down my face when I said that. It hurt me to say it, but I had to say what had to be said. He looked at me with teary, but cute eyes and said to me, "But I can't." He hugged me so tight, I could hardly breathe. I stopped and I was living. Being a vampire came with benifits. "It's okay to move on. You just need to fall in love with someone else." He looked at me madly. "It's what you need. She would want you to. I'm only saying what they say in the movies. And I mean it." I said in my defense. "Come on. I'm hungry," He got up from the bed and offered a hand to help me up. I took it and we walked down together. Yeah, we took the stairs cause we didn't want to waste our time trying to find the elevator.
  14. "No time for food. We need to train. Let's go." Jesse said to me. I followed him outside to do whatever. "Okay. Speed. That's what we're focussing on." "Okay, how do I do that?" "For you it's harder. Since your the queen you have extra speed. Really all you have to do is focus on running and then you will feel faster. But it's not as easy as it sounds. Once you try a few times then you can set the speed to whatever you want. But the hardest part is stopping." "Not steering?" "Nope, your instincts will take over once you've started. Anyway, about stopping, you just have to do it. Can't think at all, just stop. It's really not that easy. Now go." we practiced for about three hours. I started and stopped really good according to Jesse. Then he challenged me to a race. "Maybe tomorrow. I'm tired." I turned for the door. We both got some water and plopped down on the couch. "That was some awesome speed out there. Your a natural." "Thanks, your really good too." I said back. From there we just stared into each others eyes. I had no idea what was going on. Then, in my heart I felt something. It was indescribable. I leaned in for a kiss. I felt his soft lips against mine. It was magical. "What is going on." I heard voices say. I broke the kiss and turned to see mad faces. Joe was fuming and Kyle's eyes were watering. "I'm leaving." Kyle said. "No guys, I don't feel anything for him." "What? The what was that about?!" Jesse got up and left with Joe. Kyle disappeared. Everyone else just left the house to go for a walk or something. I ran up to my room. I cried on my bed for what felt like forever. "Can I come in?" someone asked outside my door. "No, I'm not dressed." "I'm coming in." it was... Cliffhanger!!

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