How Green Are You?

Being environmentally friendly is important because... *blah blah global warming, blah blah habitat destruction, etc, you already know this but you never listen and you probably don't care but you should... etc again* Anyway, take the quiz already!! Electricity is being wasted!!!

Seriously, who reads these things? I never do, so why should you? The time you spend reading this annoying little paragraph could be spent planting a tree. GO PLANT A TREE- when you are done with my quiz :D

Created by: sharkgrl :)
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  1. Do you like meat?
  2. How do you get to work/school?
  3. Your neighbor wants to cut down the beautiful oak tree that is in their backyard. What do you do?
  4. What does your car run on?
  5. Do you like burning things?
  6. You are driving to mother-in-law's house and you finish your water bottle. What do you do?
  7. You are walking in the park and see an empty soda can tossed in the mud. What do you do?
  8. Oooo a pretty flower!!
  9. What source is your electricity from?
  10. Do you compost?
  11. Do you recycle?
  12. You're going on a hike. What do you carry your water in?
  13. Your teacher/co worker throws a piece of paper in the trash. What do you do?
  14. How much time do you usually spend on the computer per day?
  15. How often do you have fast food?
  16. What would you most likely get in jail for doing?
  17. Which charity would you most likely donate to?
  18. You are fishing on a nearby pond and you catch a 3-foot-long catfish. what do you do?
  19. Do you buy organic fruit/vegetables?
  20. Do you buy organic eggs/dairy products?
  21. When you are buying seafood, what kind do you get?
  22. You are at your friend's house and they throw away a can instead of recycling it. what do you do?
  23. On a cold, snowy day in the middle of January, what are you most likely doing?
  24. Do you like sharks?
  25. Did you like my quiz? :D

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Quiz topic: How Green am I?