The Beautiful Test (110% accurate)

Hi everyone! This is my 'Are you beautiful' quiz! I guarantee you will like your result! That's all I got to say really. Stupid paragraphs! Just take the quiz already. La la la. I'm so bored with doing these paragraphs. Time bomb! Boom!

Really, don't bother reading this. Just get to the quiz. Blah blah blah. Not sure what to say now. Sigh. Bang. Tick tick tick tick tick tick... Boom! This is annoying. Loopy doopy. Being random is fun. Don't you think? That should be enough.

Created by: AnonymousUser000

  1. Ok. First, could you tell me your hair colour?
  2. How about your skin tone?
  3. What colour are your eyes?
  4. How tall are you? (Not exact)
  5. What is your weight? (not exact)
  6. How long is your hair?
  7. Do you wear glasses?
  8. Do you wear braces?
  9. Do you think you are beautiful?
  10. Do you wear make-up?
  11. Are you ready for your result?

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