What is love?

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Thread Topic: What is love?

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    kristine_192 Novice
    Idk was being random :O I'm bored so I'm just posting random s--- :P

    I asked my cousin, "What is love?" and she replied with an expressionless face, "Death."
    I was like lolwut
  • CerealKiller Newbie
    Are you f---ing kidding me? I'll bring up my damn thread.
  • Macarena Newbie
    I don't think real love exists. So, there is no point thinking about what is love.
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    LeahM Experienced
    Of course real love exists. It's rare, only a few in this world can say they have truly experienced it. It's rare, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
  • lightmuffin4 Newbie
    love is not an emotion. it is a bond shared by two people.
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    Ardeo9999 Junior
    and not only two people. theirs human affection, and something greater than that. Human affection is only like a reflection of God's love for mankind. Its like looking through a mirror, only a dim reflection. Love doesn't bring pain. If your man broke your heart when you thought he loved you, that does not mean love brings pain. It means there was no true love in the first place.

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