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  • Wow, seems like you have a lot going on in your life. I hope your parents get better soon. The best way to get over your boyfriend is to sorround yourself with friends and keep on remembering that HE is the one who doesnt deserve you. If you ever need any advice or motivation dont hesitate to ask. I am positive that most go to quiz users would at least do that, I know I would. Good Luck with your current situation.

  • Hi there ! I'm soo sorry about your parents and there's not much I can do there but I bet your mom is a really strong woman and will pull through. As for your Boyfriend , there's also not much advice I can give but 'Be yourself ' show him what he's missing . As if she's as much of a blond Bimbo as you discribe she will dump him soon. Adding to that , if he dumps her and goes back to you , do you not think Maby he's doing it for the title of having a Girl Friend ? Do you really want him back so he can drag you back down ? Your stronger than that but if you do want him back , show him what he's missing , but don't mimic her ! :) I hope this helps

  • Ouch. Well, I definately know what heartbreak feels like. Although it may seem hard to do now, I think the best thing to do is to just forget about him. Do something you enjoy to take your mind off him. Hang out with your friends. Think of it this way: you're single now, you can check out and flirt with all the guys you want! He sounds shallow and mean anyway, you deserve better than him. Trust me, you'll find a better guy than him- one who likes you for you.

    P.S. I hope your parents are okay. :)

  • hey everyone,

    sorry for stupid results, the result doesnt matter, it was a bunch of randomness...

    i feel a bit better, but still not over it i reeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaa aaaaallllllllly want him back.... but he doesnt even like me now...

    anyway hope y'all can help?

  • Thanks guys, I feel a lot better now =]
    It means so much to me for y'all to help!


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