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I need advice, filling it up with an unattractive title of the quiz, but I'm desperate for help.

If you can help me, then that's great. I'm feeling really angry and desperate and upset. I realize that it's best for me to pour it all out over cyberspace.

Created by: kristine_192

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  1. warrior cats rule...
  2. so, i made this because i really need advice, but i made the quiz title, "hey, it's just a quiz!" to NOT attract as much people to see how my life sucks right now =[ but since u took it, then its possible if u could help me...
  3. im feeling upset right now cuz all in one week, all these bad things happen!! first of all, my bf broke up with me and second of all, both my parents got injured in a car crash...
  4. ok, lets start with the first issue. my dad has fully recovered...the scar is permanent though on his right arm. my mum is recovering slowly, the doctors say it isnt too serious, but shes in a lot of pain so we sent her to hospital to make a recovery there.
  5. second issue, boyfriend broke up with me. meh, he told me over text... hes dumped me for some other girl... an ugly drag queen!! and no, im not jealous but seriously, he can do better than that!!! the girl he dumped me for s a total fake girly girl!! she even has a fake tan!
  6. im a little bit over it, he was a bit of a jerk anyway so its like WTF to him!!! :/
  7. .............no i admit it...im really upset...not OVERLY upset, im not crying, its just hes broken my heart from dumping me through a single, harsh & cold text message!! i sent back to him, "why?" and hes like, "ive found another girl...ur not pretty enough" and im like :O i got so angry that i blocked him from facebook, msn & everything else i could thing of...
  8. i admit that i reeeaally want him back!! but still, i cant, he has a new gf =[ & plus now, he doesnt like me anymore
  9. everytime i see him and HER at school, laughing, giggling & talking together, i feel a whole heap of jealousy AND anger rise upon inside me... =[
  10. i am hoping you can help me on what to do!! im not really REALLY upset, like, im not crying, but I AM really angry, i could cry, but the anger just covers it! PLEASE comment on how to get over this! i know its stupid and all, but im not the kind of person who is a "get over it"...im more of a get even...
  11. bye

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