Anger management

There are a lot of crazies out there, are you one of them? Do you find yourself getting angry sometimes or maybe a bit to UPSET? do you find yourself out of control when upset?

Do you need anger management classes? Maybe this quiz will help you see if you need to get into a program that will help you deal with your anger issue more better then you are right now.

Created by: Jannia
  1. How often do you find yourself getting angry in a day?
  2. You get an after school detention how do you react?
  3. Someone calls you a bad name you react..
  4. Your mom makes you do all the chores today how do you feel?
  5. You get pulled over by the cops you..
  6. Someone accidentally steps on your shoes you..
  7. Your sister/brother lies on you to your parents just to get you in trouble you..
  8. You didn't get your way with something you...
  9. You get a F in a class how do you react?
  10. A friend pulls a prank call on you, you..
  11. You got into a fight with someone 2 years ago, your feelings toward that person now is..
  12. When your upset you..
  13. Someone tells you "You get upset to much" You say back..
  14. About how many times a week are you feeling down and angry?
  15. How well do you cope with issues?
  16. Are there any past issues in your life that you might be holding on to that's keeping you upset?
  17. Have you ever thought about killing someone?
  18. Have you ever went off in a very indecent manner and you don't remember the stuff you said or did? Or you don't even know why you did it?
  19. Do you black out when you get angry? (meaning you don't remember things afterward)

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