Are you good at soccer?

Soccer is one of the best sports in the whole world. Only some people are good at soccer. And other people suck at soccer. Like, really, really suck. Are you the good ones or the ones that suck?

Well in a few minutes you will find out! Soccer is a hard sport and for those of you who think it's not a hard sport, go (beep) yourself because you obviously don't know much about soccer if you think it's not a hard sport!! So back to the point, are you a good soccer player? Take this quiz already and find out!!

Created by: kristine_192
  1. What shoes do you wear when you play soccer?
  2. How do you kick the ball?
  3. If you get two yellow cards, what does it mean?
  4. How many times have you won a soccer tournament/game before?
  5. Where do you play soccer?
  6. How is the ball when you kick it?
  7. How do you trap a ball?
  8. What position do you play?
  9. Which of these slide tackles are called a foul?
  10. Do you wear shin pads when playing?
  11. Who should you listen to when playing?
  12. Can you juggle a soccer ball?
  13. For girls only! How do you wear your hair when you play?

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Quiz topic: Am I good at soccer?