Are you a Soccer Fan?

Are you a soccer fan? Wondered if you could be apart of the in-crowd soccer populars? (it probably ranges from 2-4 people)Maybe able to live in a soccer ghetto? Take my quiz and find out. This will put your knowledge to the test.

What is a Chicharito Hernandez? What about a Didier Drogba? Lionel Messi? If you are a rarity of a soccer followers, come take my test and find out how much a soccer fan you are.

Created by: Brittonio34

  1. Who plays for Manchester United?
  2. Where was the World Cup held?
  3. What does FC stand for?
  4. What postion does Carlos Roca play?
  5. when was Messi born?
  6. Who is the Manager of Chelsea?
  7. Do you watch Fox Soccer Channel?
  8. In your opinion, where is the best soccer played?
  9. What is the American Soccer League called?
  10. Finally, name how many titles Liverpool has won

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Quiz topic: Am I a Soccer Fan?