The Hardest Soccer Quiz Ever

There are Fans and There are True fans that know everything about Soccer. Are you one of Them? Take this quiz and find out.Hope you are ready?Its to hard.

This Quiz is guarinteed to Blow your mind. Its so hard my soccer coach didn't know the answers to half of these.Hope you do well. Good Luck,Your gonna need it.

Created by: That1Mexican
  1. Who did zidane headbutt in the 2006 World Cup?
  2. Which Paraguayan soccer player got shot in a bar in Mexico City on the 26 of january, 2010
  3. How many World Cup appearences does mexico have(including South Africa)?
  4. Who won the 1970 World Cup?
  5. Who Was Elected President of FIFA in 1998?
  6. Who won the Barclays Premier League in the 03-04 season?
  7. who was the most expensive player to be transfered in Soccer history?
  8. Where was the 1974 World Cup held?
  9. what was the name of the Official 1998 World Cup Soccer Ball?
  10. what is the Official motto for FIFA?
  11. What does FIFA stand for in English?

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