soccer quiz 101

This is the quiz thats all about sports. Some questions are easy and some questions are hard.This quiz will tell you if you know somethin about soccer.

If you know alot about soccer then try this and you'll do good and people who arent good could always learn. If you get bad then learn some stuff on the internet and try the quiz again.

Created by: bill
  1. Easy Qustion First.Who won the 2008 euro cup?
  2. Who Got the was the worst goalie for the 2009 confederation cup?
  3. What goalie did the scorpian save?
  4. What is the best soccer team right now?
  5. What 2 good players were transfered to Real Madrid in 2009?
  6. What team won the second world cup in 1934?
  7. When was the only year Usa was the fifa cup location?
  8. How many times did Argentina win the FIFA cup?
  9. Who came in fourth place in the FIFA cup 2006?
  10. How many times was Brazil Runner up for the Fifa cups?
  11. What was the scor for the FIFA cup 2006 finals.
  12. How old is Cassilas?
  13. How old is Ronaldihno?
  14. How old is Zidane?
  15. How old is Kaka?
  16. How old is David Beckham?
  17. How old is Van Der Sar?

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