Are u a Full Flesh Soccer Geek

There are many people who have thought they know alot of soccer but, do u know the present--- about 60% think they know all the present news but really only 1 % knows alllll

Do u think ur special? do u think u have smartness to take the big test? U might be special, u might be the part of the 1%-- u will find out now take the quiz!!! ARE UUUUUUUUUU A SOCCER GEEK

Created by: Ali
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  1. Who won the PFA Young Player of the year award and the PFA Player of the year award?
  2. Which Player of Barcelona has been sold to AC Milan cause he has been doing Bad last Season?
  3. What Sponsor did Chelsea use for 3 season Straight?
  4. What was the Record of goals scored in a match?
  5. What was the most exciting game in the Euro 2008 in group A
  6. Do u think England dint make it in the Euro 2008 cause of Steve Mclaren?
  7. What happens if a person tells u that Netherlands would win the Euro 2008 what would u reply by?
  8. Which club team impressed the most this last season?
  9. Which players are wanted by Real Madrid?
  10. Which team have successfully bought Aaren Ramsey from Cardiff City
  11. What is ur best FIFA 08 game score and or any soccer game of 2008? This gives u extra points

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