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  • Hello, The best tomboy, horse lover here. Maybe you could study up on horses? If you have a friend who owns a horse, maybe after you study you could go visit that friend. Talk to them about what they enjoy most about their horse. Then maybe head up to the barn and see the "ugly snotty big smelly worthless slow mindless idiots" as you call them. Maybe ask your friend to ride at a gallop. You will see they are not ugly. Touch its nose, you will feel it is not snotty. Yes, they are large, but that shows their power and gracefulness. Yes, they do smell, but you cannot blame them. They are not worthless. Think back to Oregon Trail days. They are quite fast. Watch the Kentucky Derby. They are very intelligent, not idiotic, mindless, animals.

  • I'm not a huge horse person (they kinda scare me) but my friend loves them. If someone could possibly tell me some basic terms and such, that would be amazing! I want to know enough to have an idea of what she's talking about and maybe have a decent conversation. Thanks!

  • I did like this quiz, but it only had 1 question about western riding; and all the others were about English riding. Maybe you could make it better by adding a few more questions about western riding?

  • Hey, the best tomboy? Horses are one of the most amazing, intelligent, and beautiful creatures on this planet. Maybe if you knew more about them you would appreciate them.

  • 0%. horses are ugly snotty big smelly worthless slow mindless idiots.

    The best tomboy

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