Who are you? [from the book Generation Knights.]

Sorry it is Kay Cotten, Jared Bales, MaKenna Winnett, and Ramsey Stringham, this is a random quiz ,but funny you should take it. is has the 4 main people from my book

Generation Knights; I am Kalynn M Cotten; you can call me Kay, or K, or Michelle, and I am a Knight. I have my own team, MaKenna and Ramsey; we own 3 safe houses and are a main base. Week on Week we go on field missions, and train to face threats, such a burglars, and big threats, such as terrorist. We life, and train, and fight for what we believe in, The Knights. Ever Knight is an agent, army general, navy personnel, marine, air force pilot, Free Mason, and the bravest person I’ve ever meant.

Created by: KMC
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what instrument do you play?
  2. if you could be doing anything right now you would...
  3. What would annoy you?
  4. If your best friend dies you would...
  5. your favorite saying is...
  6. in the face of danger you...
  7. what is biggest pet peeve?
  8. how much would you train if you were a Knight?
  9. what would you rather drive?
  10. pick one of these stupid sayings

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Quiz topic: Who am I? [from the book Generation Knights.]