Kirby, please take this quiz! =]

hey, kirby please take this quiz!! :D remember that this quiz is for you and you need to acknowledge what you muster and blah blah i dont know what to write here...

this quiz is for kirby, kirby if you are here reading this, please take it and do it and comment me i need some stuff from you yeah idk what to write here so whatever...

Created by: kristine_192

  1. Hey there, Kirby! =]
  2. ok so I just want to tell you that I need your e-mail please x.x I forgot to tell you last night at soccer training cuz the coach was all puffed and angry i was scared to talk to you!!
  3. so yeah... please give me your email so i can get better access to you!! i know you dont have facebook or anything else like that so email please! :)
  4. thats all i have to say =] oh, and some other things.... first of all, your awesome i just met you a few weeks ago and i see that you play in the same soccer team as me i was like u seem like a really nice person.
  5. im sure we can be friends since we have a lot in common! =D
  6. oh yeah and if you want my gtq email its: butterflies_surround_me(@)hotmail[.]com without the spaces so if u wanna email me through there, kirby, it would be fine as well!!! :D
  7. thats all i have to say!! hope you taken this quiz kirby!!! xD
  8. 1
  9. soooo....yeah :)
  10. IDK what to say :O
  11. BYE KIRBY!!! your awesome thnx :) email please!!

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