Do you think Cheerleading is a sport?

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Thread Topic: Do you think Cheerleading is a sport?

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    madid Experienced
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    I know its gymnastics, but I never thought of it as a sport...
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    Hunteriscool Experienced
    Movie - Debby Goes To Dallas

    Moral - Cheerleader have to have sex in order to get on the team they want :D
  • ange Novice
    Of course! I think it would be so fun and I would love to do it! At the moment I do dancing- jazz and modern as well as zumba!
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    Ellie M Novice
    I do cheerleading and I love it! It's a mix of dance and gymnastics and a sport full of fun!

    Cheerleading is the only sport, besides dance and ballet that I would ever do.
  • dw1996 Newbie
    It's a sport, but not like football or baseball is a sport.
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    xendocheionology Experienced
    ehh idk. you have to be really strong to do it, and it involves practice and water breaks, so its kind of a sport. the competing is basically just preforming, and looking nice to beat other teams.
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    Last time I checked... cheerleading required pretty much all of those things except for the running part. Cheerleaders have to be strong when they're building pyramids. It is expensive and dangerous. Lots of practice is required to get the routine down and practice flipping and cheers. You need strong legs and arms to hold others' weight. They just don't stand around. :/
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    Weakness Newbie
    "An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others."

    Pulled that out of the dictionary :P
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    kristine_192 Novice
    My reply to PurpleCherries:
    1. As I said before, it's basically a mix of gymnastics and dance. You'd rather spend the expenses on those separate sports, rather than both of them mashed together, of course it's gonna be expensive.
    2. Competitive cheerleading, yeah, kinda a sport, but sideline cheerleading, f--- no.
    3. The "competing" part is just performing and "looking good".
    4. Yes, you're right that doing flippy-whippys and girly-twirly's are a sport, but it would be considered gymnastics, not cheerleading.
    5. "It's dangerous". Okay, yeah, right, it is. Falling down the stairs is dangerous, it's stuntful, is that considered a sport? Last time *I* checked, no.
    6. But if it is a sport, then it is a really annoying one, no offence to you cheerleaders. Recently at my soccer, they introduced cheerleaders to cheer for our team in games. Like when the f--- did cheerleaders cheer for SOCCER teams? It got seriously annoying! Whenever I try to pass the ball or even CONCENTRATE, suddenly those annoying cheerleaders would start screaming and scare the f--- out of me.
    7. If you think it's a sport, that's fine with me.
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    6 6 sick Senior
    To me if your moving around and what not,its pretty much a sport.
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    I think it is. It is an athletic activity with competition. Seeing cheer leading on a professional level is pretty damn cool if you ask me. Honestly, I just think that high school teams have ruined the reputation. As others have said, I think it's just earned a bad reputation. Most girls in high school cheer are indeed sluts and only want popularity. (But I do have friends that are in cheer so don't get the wrong idea from that.) And since this is where we are exposed to cheer the most, I think that we need to take a step back and see the full picture.
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    Carrotop Novice
    Dude, this was the first thread I ever posted in. O.o
  • no i don't think it is. And cheerleaders are just annoying if you ask me(sorry, no hard feelings, this is just my opinion)
  • no i don't think it is. And cheerleaders are just annoying if you ask me(sorry, no hard feelings, this is just my opinion)

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