How smart are you?

There are many smart people in the world, but only a few true smart people, otherwise called "geniuses". Nerds are awesome, being smart is a very useful

tool to be considered of in life. You will need to be smart to get into a good college or university. Being smart is very beneficial and that's why we have school, whether you like it or not.

Created by: kristine_192
  1. Welcome to my smartness quiz. This quiz focuses on English and Mathematics questions. It was made generally for my school assignment, but anyone can enjoy it.
  2. If there are 3 packet of chips, with 21 chips in each packet, how many chips are there altogether?
  3. What is 1/2 multiply by 1020?
  4. I drive 100km per hour. How much kilometers will I drive in 300 minutes?
  5. Jane weighs 30kg less than Georgia. If Georgia weights 245kg, how much does Jane weigh?
  6. What is wrong with this sentence? "I love swim but I don't go often."
  7. Which word below is a verb?
  8. Which word below is an adjective?
  9. What is the plural for the word "cactus"?
  10. Thank you for taking my quiz. The quiz has officially ended. Don't forget to rate and comment.

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Quiz topic: How smart am I?