How much do you know about "Jersey Shore?"

There are alot of smart people out there... and a few non-smart people. There are no people that are not smart... it only depends on what type of questions you give them. So... what i'm saying is, you are smart... everyone in the whole world is smart. (^=

Do you think you can get 100%? How about you take this test... and i will show you what's up.... lol please comment and rate my quiz. If you do, i appreciate it. If i could... i would award you for taking this quiz... commenting... and rating. Thank you so much.

Created by: Susie123

  1. What is Snooki's real name?
  2. What store did the crew work at in Jersey?
  3. In Season1... the first Jersey Shore, when Snooki came into that door, she said______.
  4. What is Vinny's mother's name?
  5. What type of dog did Jenni bring in from Tommy's house?
  6. Which one of the members brought in garbage bags for a suitcase on the first Jersey Shore show?
  7. What is Sammi's nickname?
  8. Who are the "Two Meatballs"?
  9. True or False: In season 1... the whole Jersey Shore crew called Snooki, Snickers instead.
  10. Where did Pauly and Mike have their birthday party at?
  11. How many members of the crew were there?
  12. What did Vinny's tattoo on his chest say when the crew went to ''Kidnap'' him when he left the house?
  13. What is the name of Snooki's boyfriend?
  14. What animal was on their telephone?
  15. Who says, '' Cabs are here!''?
  16. Who says, '' Yea buddy!''?
  17. Who says, ''Uhh... hello!!!''?
  18. Who says, '' Oh my gosh, the wilderness!''?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about "Jersey Shore?"