Jersey Shore Guido or Guidet

Some people know the shore and some don't so where do you fit in for this quiz. go to the jersey shore i been hallie berry you are a rocketeer go jersey

Are you my mister or misses guido. Did you really pass this test can you know the jersey shore powers of me you ought to try this test. Down at the shore is where we are

Created by: Natalie Wolfenburger
  1. What type of phone did the shore house have????
  2. Why did Anglena leave the shore house in season 1 earlier than everyone else???
  3. What does "GTL" stand for??
  4. What does "MVP" stand for??
  5. Why does JWoww have a shirt that says "FREE SNOOKI"???
  6. Who has their own personal tanning bed at their house
  7. What happened when Ronnie and Sammi broke up??
  8. Who loves hairspray???
  9. Who loves hair gel???
  10. Who is the shortest Jersey Shore cast member??

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