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MTv's Jersey Shore debuted in 2009 amidst controversy over its portrayal of Italian Americans. Despite this, the show has become a huge hit for MTv. Millions watch the antics of the shore house cast mates as they hit the clubs, the beaches, and the boardwalk.

Snooki is perhaps the most well known of all the Jersey Shore cast. This little quiz will test you on how much you know about Snooki. Think you can ace it? Well there are a few easy questions, a few hard ones, and some in between. True Snooki fans will get them all without trouble. So let's go right ahead and see how big of a Snooki fan you really are.

Created by: Sean
  1. Snooki\'s first name is?
  2. Snooki quit the first season of Jersey Shore.
  3. Snooki was born in?
  4. Snooki lost a lot of weight in high school due to an eating disorder.
  5. The nickname Snooki comes from which movie?
  6. How much did Snooki earn per episode on the first Jersey Shore season?
  7. Snooki once appeared with senate Democrat Harry Reid at a book signing event.
  8. Snooki once rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange.
  9. Snooki got arrested during the filming of the third season of Jersey Shore.
  10. In Season 1, the male Jersey Shore cast usually called her Snickers instead of Snooki.
  11. At the shore house, Snooki had a hard time figuring out how to use this:
  12. Snooki first arrived at the shore house with her belongings in garbage bags.
  13. What did Snooki sell at her job in Season 2 (Miami)?
  14. Snooki partnered with this person to write a secret note to Sammi in Season 2 (Miami).

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