How Well Do You Know Jersey Shore?

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There are many people who watch jersey shore and are ok with it, and there are many people who watch jersey shore and love it and who watch it like everyday and they dont care if it is a old episode witch one are you?

Do you know jersey shore as much as i do, do you have the memory from watching jersey shore from like a minute ago or from last night? put your skills to the test

Created by: pancake2000

  1. Who is Jwoww?
  2. Who did Ronnie break up with?
  3. who is snooki
  4. Where did they all work
  5. Why did Angelina Smack Pauly 3 times
  6. Who is sweetheart
  7. Who went on a computer in a local computer place and printed out a letter what Ronnie has done?
  8. Who wore a pink cow boy hat to dinner to discuss about what Ronnie done and how to fix it?
  9. What club was the first one they went to
  10. Where did snooki say she is a smurf at?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Jersey Shore?