How good do you know Jersey Shore?

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Jersey Shore genius? Well take my quiz and you will know. My quiz will tell you if your a Jersey Shore idiot, or a Jersey Shore genius. I hope you have fun and i also hope you get a 100% or if you don't then watch a little more of it and come back.

I had what it takes to make a 21 question quiz for you but do you have what it takes to pass this and at least get a 85%-100% ? Well, take my quiz and find out. WARNING ! : This quiz has hard questions and a couple easy ones but use your brainpower to get through it. Be tough !. Have fun ! :)

Created by: Lorna
  1. How many dogs does Jenni (Jwoww) have?
  2. What 2 people is usually called "The Meatballs"?
  3. Who danced their underwear off at a bar?
  4. Who fell trying to push luggage while going to a airport?
  5. Which girl found a hickie on her boyfriends neck in Italy?
  6. Who peed in the Jacuzzi?
  7. Which guys are best friends?
  8. Which girl thought she was pregnant?
  9. Who is the trouble maker of the house?
  10. What 2 guys have a thing called " Fist Pump, Push-up, Chapstick?
  11. Which 2 girls typed a letter telling Sammi that Ronnie cheated on her in Miami?
  12. Who did Snooki throw wine glasses at?
  13. Who was one of Jenni's boyfriends?
  14. Who knocked over the table with the phone and lamp on it?
  15. Which guy jacks Pauly D's catch phrases?
  16. Which girl roommate did Deena make out with?
  17. What is Snooki's favorite food?
  18. Which 2 guys pulled a prank on Deena by putting all of her stuff including a couch on her bed?
  19. What guy had to wear a neck brace?
  20. Who came up with the idea to act like the house was their favorite club Karma?
  21. What was clogged in the toilet when Snooki had to call the Plumbers?

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Quiz topic: How good do I know Jersey Shore?